Pre- and Post-Surgery Rehabilitation


Pre-operative Rehabiltiation

Pre-operative rehabilitation helps you be as well-conditioned as possible before surgery to
enhance your post-operative recovery. Moreover, you will understand the therapy routine that will be in place after surgery. 

Because of the months of pain and reduced activity leading up to surgery, muscles become weaker, and walking, balance and exercise tolerance deteriorate. We recommend that you take part in a specifically prescribed rehab program prior to surgery to increase muscle strength and reduce the chance that you will require extended inpatient rehabilitation prior to being discharged home after surgery.  We have realised fantastic results with patients undergoing preoperative physiotherapy in direct comparison to those with the same conditions that did not undertake pre-op physiotherapy.

Post-operative Rehabiltiation

Our physiotherapists will work to help avoid any potential complications post-op and also to guide you towards returning to your full function as quickly and safely as possible. Rehabilitation is different for each surgery, but normally involves a graduated strengthening program, and specific hands-on techniques to restore correct joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

We will work with you closely to set specific goals of your rehabilitation program and these will vary depending on your needs – whether it is to return to high level sports or simply be able to complete your daily tasks of living.


Common surgeries requiring Pre- and Post- Rehabilitation