Complementary Therapies

Mobilizing ribs is a method for releasing and removing functional blockages in the rib area and overall treatmnet (adjustment) of muscle tension. This method was created by L. Mojžíšová, who has devoted her entire professional career to functional blockages and the prevention of functional disorders of the bending system. Blockages of ribs can often be confused with various other diseases such as heart pain, headaches, and balance disorders among others.

Conditions for Application:

  • pain in the chest, cervical spine.
  • inability to breathe.
  • pain shoot between shoulder blades.
  • back pain.
  • coordination and balance disorders.

The main therapeutic element is tensioning or buckling exercises, the basis of which is the free maximum dorsal flexion of the hands and feet (bending of the ankle / wrist towards the back of the foot / hand). Weightlifting is performed in the distal direction (away from the center of the body) against imaginary resistance or against a solid surface. By correctly adjusting the acres of the upper and lower limbs and bracing them, the torso is straightened and the diagonal muscle chains are activated in a targeted manner. 

The exercise is based on developmental kinesiology, where individual exercises are inspired by developmental milestones of a child’s motor development. It starts from lower positions in the lying position, gradually moving to higher positions until standing.


  • improvement of the function of weakened muscles.
  • activation of the deep stabilization system of the spine.
  • re-education of correct movements.

Conditions for Application:

  • post-traumatic conditions.
  • musculoskeletal disorders.
  • osteoarthritis.
  • posture disorders.
  • scoliosis.
  • disorders of the peripheral or central nervous system.
  • pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence, functional sterility).
  • prevention of poor posture.